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My application to Interpol

I am asking you to protect me against and to take adequate measures in relation to Radionov Igor Anatolyevich, a citizen of Sweden who on 30.08.2017 called on my cell phone from number +_________ (Spain) and make threats against me which were delivered consistently and coolly. I am really fear for my life and life of my close relatives (see a copy of audio record of threats made by Radionov I.A. and interpretation of our conversation in the attachment).

I, Vladimir Spiryagin, being an independent journalist, work on different issues across the territory of the Russian Federation. One of journalistic investigations I made in the summer of this year (see article published by “Mosmonitor” print in the attachment) is devoted to raider attacks and premeditated bankruptcy of Tver glass factory (Tverskoy Stekolny Zavod) Limited Liability Company in 2012-2014.

As a result of this investigation, the existence of raider attacks was confirmed and the raider group was found which allegedly includes the following persons:

- Evgenia Pulyaeva

- Sergey Antimenko;

- Sedov Vladimir Nikolaevich, tel. the owner of Sphinx-T private security company (security of "TSZ" Limited Liability Company), employees of which can act as executors of instructions made by I. Radionov.

- Kabanov Dmitry Arkadyevich

This group is actually headed by Radionov Igor Anatolyevich.  On my belief, the results of this investigation caused the real threat to my life and life of my close relatives on the part of I.A. Radionov and his companions as he demanded to contradict the results of my investigation.

In the course of journalistic investigation I obtained information on several fatal accidents (earlier considered by law enforcement agencies, see the copy of audio record and interpretation of my talk with D. Morshchikov, a former director of TSZ, Limited Liability Company), that took place with victims of these attacks. These circumstances probably took place with the involvement of I. Radionov's group.

Direct evidences of the group’s being guilty, however, were not revealed, as all the victims are frightened and do not believe in punishment of the people in fault, but acknowledge the real danger to their lives. Considering my awareness of I.A. Radionov environment that primarily consists of criminals, my concerns for my life and life of my close relatives is real and I am actually afraid that threats made by him and his companions will be put into effect.

Taking into consideration all the above, I ask you to take adequate measures to protect me and my close relatives against possible criminal encroachments and prosecute persons in fault, as after this talk with I.A. Radionov I suffer persecution complex, cannot sleep well and fear for my family.


- file of audio copy of talk with I. Radionov;

- conversation interpretation with I. Radionov.

- file of journalistic investigation articles.

Sincerely yours,

Vladimir Spiryagin

1.  File of audio copy of talk with I. Radionov;

2. Interpretation of Telephone Talk of Igor Radionov (I) and Vladimir Spiryagin (V) That Took Place on Radionov’s Initiative on 30.08.2017

V – Hello.
I - Good afternoon.
V - Good afternoon, I listen to you.
I – Are you Vladimir?
V - Yes. I am Vladimir.
I - Ok, that’s clear, I am Igor Radionov.
V – I can’t hear you, could you say it one more time?
I – Really, huh? I am Igor Radionov.
V – You a welcome, Igor, bad line, can’t hear you clearly.
I - Can I call back to you then?
V - No, that’s ok. Just now I am walking outside, my phone was in my car and therefore I didn't hear all your calls.
I - Clear. Well, I call concerning the message you addressed to me, what does in mean at all, is it a threat? If no, what is it?
V – This is a link to information on the “Mosmonitor” website, and as for the Tver glass factory (Tverskoy Stekolny Zavod), I carried out investigation in summer, visited Tver for several times, communicated with many people, and this is the result of my work. Also, this is to inform you that there will be a press conference in Moscow, in about one and a half week, I suppose, and I would like invite you.
I – I am absolutely dissatisfied with your investigation and the course of your investigation, Vladimir.
V - So you can express your thoughts about this, understand?
I – Have you ever thought that one morning you can wake up with balls in your mouth and with the pan you used to write this shit in your ass, my friend? What do you think about it?
V - Well, this is a threat, I think.
I – You are right, it is really so, but how else? Yes, I need to protect myself anyway.
V – Is this a way you need to protect yourself? There are lawful ways, go to court, if I slandered you, but there is no word of slander there. Everything is documented.
I – You know, I am not too educated to go to court. My methods are direct. You are aware of them, aren’t you?
V – Yes, I know that Morshchikov is missing, nobody can find him. He told with me and said that he was "ordered".
I - Oh, what a coincidence. Really big problem. You see how it turned out. You see what things you can communicate to our law enforcement agencies, what things can open their eyes to, huh?
V - But he is actually missing.
I – Look here, I suggest you to continue to do all these things, I don't know who asked you about it, but believe me, this way is not the right one. You can actually have problems. I don't know you, I don’t familiar with you and wouldn't like to make innocent people suffer.
V - Well, that’s clear, but the matter is that I have already made all that things, now I work on absolutely different subjects, that is, I have been working this way for many years across all the Russian Federation, understand? I work for other region now.
I - I understand you clearly. We are aware. Ok. But we just want you to know about it.
V – No, you don’t understand, the paper is already published, something else? I am not interested in this subject anymore. And I don’t visit Tver anymore.
I – Look here, Vladimir, the fact that you mentioned Stockholm, that Stockholm was mentioned by you, it is your biggest mistake. Believe me, you can bleed. I guarantee.
V - Ok, thanks a lot for your warning, forewarned is forearmed. (interrupted)
I - And, yes, so keep your eyes open now, be more attentive, because I believed that you stop after your first, second and third article, but you are unstoppable, so there are other methods.
V – The matter is that you should contact me before, for discussion, Pulyaeva hides herself from me, I have her number and phoned her, but nobody contacted me.
I - And who are you to contact you, who are you? What are you talking about? I suppose, you have your interest in this matter, is it your personal interest? We will struggle with you as an individual concerning slander. What way will we choose (laughing) I don't even know, but I will try to choose the most sophisticated one, believe me, we have all the opportunities, therefore, we will do our best to bring words about balls in your mouth and pen in your ass into reality. And Kulibaba said you about who are informed, are cops informed? Who did he say about such opportunities to? So, that's how it's going. Have you chosen the wrong way?
V – What’s a pity that you didn't communicate to me; otherwise, there would be other approach to this matter. I say that nobody contacted me, including the Governor; I say that I was there and knocked all the doors.
I - I am aware where you were, I am aware where you were. But it doesn’t matter, I just say that you need to think it over now, I will call your in a few days, think how to invalidate the information or something. Because, believe me, I will make every effort now to broke you off.
V – Well, how is it possible? You are in Spain, I am in Russia….
I - Our hands are long, like in a well-known picture. It does not matter, there are no barriers, and today is the 21st century, the 21st century what we are talking about, you know, and believe me, it is extremely easy, and if you will not go towards meeting my view, I guarantee that… (illegible phrase).
V - And what does it mean to go towards meeting your view? What do you actually mean?
I - Rebuttal, you shall write a rebuttal immediately. As they say, the demon made. You are a friend of feather; you know how to make it. To make people believe. So, make it.
V – The matter is that there are mass media where the information was published. I have my private opinion, huh? Mass media are a bit different thing, this is “Rosmonitor” and this is the real mass media, they cannot rebut or something else.
I – Yes, try to, Vladimir, you know what buttons you should press, yes?
V – Well, call me in a few days, ok? I will be out for some time, I think on Saturday I will be available.
I – I don’t care when you will be available.
V - I mean that my phone will be not available. It will be switched off, I will take other phone. And on Saturday I will come back and become available.
I - Vladimir, I advise you to think not that place you use to sit, your ass. Use your head better, because, I extremely worry about you after all that things you done, of course, I don't know. Ok, good luck, Vladimir! In your hard life.
V - Thanks, good luck too. Goodbye.

3. File of journalistic investigation articles:
The ways used by the governor of the Tver region Igor Rudenya to deceive and flatten investors
I was sitting in the waiting room of the Ministry of Industry of the Tver region and looked at a region’s investment portal. From the pages of the portal, the Governor Rudenya promised the same as his predecessors: "The most comfortable conditions for attracting investments will be created in the Tver region." But I had trouble to buy it. I traveled three cities, interviewed hundreds of witnesses, wrote dozens of requests. Two months I studied the details of Yuri Reviznikov tragedy—the man who believed in Tver officials, invested his money, and found himself in a pit with hyenas. He was deceived, rained curses on and ruined. Perhaps that is why the founders of the investment portal shamefully removed information about Yuri Reviznikov and the Tver glass factory (Tverskoy Stekolny Zavod) that he revived. Let me restore the justice.
"Take this madman away, he's no one!"
Tver glass factory (Tverskoy Stekolny Zavod) was considered the flagship of the glass industry in the 69th region. It is known as the FIG "Galaxy Euroglass" at the market. Before the illegal takeover, the enterprise was owned by Vladimir Kulibaba—a businessman from St. Petersburg—and Sergei Antimenko—ex-co-owner of "Continent Bank". The third partner-investor was Yuri Reviznikov, a successful trader from Russobank. Thanks to his investments, the factory has reached a capacity of 15 million bottles monthly. Most of the glass industry in the region went to the ground and only Reviznikov's investments brightened up this gray picture. The region received taxes from the plant, hundreds of jobs appeared, and the TGF replaced the imported packaging with Tver’s one. The governor made a big PR campaign on the successes of the TGF.  Things were looking up and the partners decided to build a second stage of the factory. Yuri Reviznikov invested almost 700 million rubles, the missing amount was taken with bank loans under personal guarantees. They bought the latest Western equipment and launched the best production of a decorated bottles in Russia.

However, a coordination with officials was delayed, and at the time of launch, the state again brought the economy down. The glass container market "collapsed" together with it. You can consider this an investor's commercial risk, but we all know who is to blame. The incompetence of federal and local "effective managers" sharply lowered Reviznikov's chances for a return on investment.
Exactly at the time when the investor Reviznikov faced the problems, the tap dances around him were ceased. Reviznikov already did not dream about the soon return of investments. A happy and secure life, honest money in a reliable offshore—all was left behind. He was trapped, and he could never jump out from it. The Tver government has ceased to provide subsidies. The factory tried to get them through the court, but ineffectively. Buyers paid poorly, payment schedules for loans were violated, and salary delays began. A crisis was raging in the country. Workers brought hungry children to the office of the director of LLC "TGF" Dmitry Morshchikov and demanded a salary.
Instead of the support promised by the governor, the line of tax collectors, inspectors, and prosecutors was reaching out the factory. Morshchikov and Reviznikov gave the workers their own money. The last straw was the arrest of Vladimir Kulibaba, who was accused of ordering the murder of the director of the St. Petersburg security agency. He was fully acquitted a couple of years later, but he had no relation to the factory by then. As well as the investor Reviznikov. One day he came to the factory, and he was simply not allowed to enter the building. The investor heard: "Who are you? Take this madman away, he's no one!" In a sweat, Reviznikov ran to check the documents, but it was too late. The perimeter of the factory, the settlement account and the enterprise itself were controlled by the raiders. The phase of smoke and mirrors and official promises in the style of the investment portal ended. The government of the Tver region did not care about the investor's fate.
Once he was an investor, then became an outcast
The path of Reviznikov from bravura press conferences with the governor to poverty took place in two stages. The first that guaranteeing his poverty was an investment in the Tver region. The second that guaranteeing poverty was the signing of personal guarantees for loans. Having made these two steps, he turned into a victim, securely fixed in a trap for further robbery.
Consider: a stable working company brings taxes to the budget, wages to the employees and profit to the owners. What is the point in such an asset for Tver corrupt officials and scammers? There is none. When Reviznikov was left without the Greco-Roman "roof" of the fighter Kulibaba, his robbery was only a matter of time. This is how the governor Rudenya's estate is organized. For the defenseless investors, it is more aggressive than sulfuric acid.
The economic crisis and the nervous situation at the factory made Reviznikov enter into the operational management. He started with an audit and identified thefts on purchases and sales. The enlightened investor asked his friend Dmitry Morshchikov to take the situation under control. This young and ambitious politician was part of Dmitry Rogozin's entourage and replaced him as Chairman of the presidium of the NGO Rodina.
From my conversations with Morshchikov and Kulibaba it follows that the thefts identified by the auditors inevitably led to a conflict with future raiders. But the "opposite party" caught in the act of theft had worked for anticipation and... Stole the plant.
Vladimir Kulibaba and Dmitry Morshchikov unanimously affirm that the illegal takeover of the Tver glass factory (Tverskoy Stekolny Zavod) was planned by the factory's lawyer Evgeniya Pulyaeva. She was patronized by Igor Radionov, who performed control functions in Tver on behalf of Kulibaba and betrayed his boss, as soon as he had problems. There was only Sergei Antimenko of the former founding members, who provided sales and therefore was vital to the raiders.
Radionov took advantage of a fraudulent power of attorney and threw out the Reviznikov's Belize offshore company SLEEPWELL INVESTMENTS INC from the founding members.
Soon Vladimir Kulibaba was overboard too. The Reviznikov's attempts to achieve justice ended in failure. The governor did nothing to help the investor. After all, it is one thing to attach oneself to the others' merits and to make boast of them as one's own before the president. But to engage in real support for the investor and save him from raiders, security officials and one's own officials is another matter. Not governor's.
The factory stopped paying for loans, and the banks filed a lawsuit against the guarantors for their bankruptcy. Now the investor Reviznikov not only dreamed of forgetting about the profits from the invested funds. He gave away the shirt off his back to the banks and went underground.
Attempts to obtain criminal proceedings resulted in the fact that there were attempts upon the life of Yuri Reviznikov and Dmitry Morshchikov. There was also the first victim of this history—"unknown persons" have passed from threats to business and have burnt alive the Reviznikov's father, most likely having mixed up him with the son. This is only a small part of the criminal episodes that accompanied the illegal takeover of LLC "TGF".
If memory serves me right, the investment portal of the Tver region does not warn that you will not only be ruined for investment, but you can also be killed for it. On behalf of investors, I dare to ask governor Rudenya to do so that in the Tver region investors are honestly warned "ashore" or, as an option, are not killed at all.
Behind the fence of the TGF: the scammer's path to prosperity
The scheme of the investor Reviznikov's robbery is simple as a punch with a crowbar. A friend of Igor Radionov and ex-director of LLC "TGF" Vladimir Sedov allegedly lends his own factory with 300 thousand rubles. A couple of months later, Sedov is suing for bankruptcy of LLC "TGF". After all, what a pity, the plant could not return the director 300 thousand rubles! At that time, the plant had profit of 30 million rubles and assets worth 3 billion rubles, but was not able to collect 300 thousand. That was like, the taxmen blocked the accounts, they wanted to pay, but they could not. Sedov ruthlessly files a lawsuit for the bankruptcy of his fellow factory and soon the enterprise is controlled through the arbitration manager Kabanov Dmitry Arkadevich.
By this time, the "creditor" has matured. Serving his time for the murder of his mother, Anton Vasiliev was established the LLC Capital Group without leaving the prison. Soon the illegitimate company was acquired by Evgeniya Pulyaeva, a lawyer of LLC "TGF". This extraordinary woman was born in the Bryansk partisan forests in the village of Seltso.

Not so long ago she came to work for LLC "TGF" for a salary of 30 thousand rubles. By simple manipulation of fictitious debts, the LLC "Capital Group" took the dominant position in the register of claims of creditors. There was no place for the investor Reviznikov, but it did not embarrass anyone. Belatedly, the banks flapped their wings, but the train had already left. The raiders placed their manager and surrounded the factory with dozens of fictitious trading houses. I'm confident about fictitiousness, since I personally traveled all their addresses. There are no trading houses, except in the form of seals in the accounting department of LLC "TGF" or from the citizen Pulyaeva. The territory of the plant is protected by private security company "Sphinx-T". Its owner is the ruthless creditor and ex-director Vladimir Sedov. Coincidence? I don’t think so.
Is it worth adding that the blatant impudence and carelessness in the technique of execution of takeover is possible only in the situation of patronage to the raiders from the side of Tver officials and security officials. This is explained by the fact that the investor Reviznikov would seek the return on investment and loans. He has nothing to pay people in uniform. Radionov, Pulyaeva, Sedov, Antimenko, and others like them are another matter, they receive super profits from the factory stolen from investor Radionov, they did not invest their money, so they can and should share with corrupt officials. The investment portal of the Tver region is silent about this nuance, but we know how things are done in real life. I will habitually note that the governor Rudenya needs either to change this sneaky rule or honestly write about it on the pages of the investment portal.
Reviznikov was robbed, Morshchikov is dead, and Rudenya is waiting for new investors?
So, the raiders got rid of the investor and creditors, but there was an unpleasant need to pay taxes and contributions to social funds. The task was solved by the establishment of a dozen new "dummy" trade houses, with which the bankruptcy trustee Dmitry Kabanov settled by a cross charge. Only the money for paying salaries appeared on the factory's account. Everything else is disbursed by fictitious shops with directors attracted from small criminals, students, and other principals. Kabanov also does not pay to the Pension Fund, LLC "TGF" is in the top of the official rating of debtors of the PSF by the results of 2015.
Moreover, LLC "TGF" underpaid more than 100 million taxes using gray schemes with VAT, meanwhile, it still managed to illegally collect VAT. After dozens of applications to law enforcement agencies, the Federal Tax Service filed an application and the case was initiated. There are no figurants in it, and I suspect that there won't be any unless for the price of 10-20 percent of the specified amount.

Through such simple manipulations, the raiders not only squeezed the fruits of the investments and works of Reviznikov. Bankruptcy allowed them to save themselves from payments on loans, "save" on taxes, payments to social funds, and at the same time cease to save funds for repairing the main asset—the glass melting furnace. There was an identical story in neighboring Spirovo, the scammers took loans, squeezed out the entire resource from the furnace and disappeared after it spilled. The furnace was the mother-nurse for all people of Spirovo, the past, the present and the future were connected only with it. It spilled, and the village is on the brink of extinction. The bankruptcy manager Kabanov and the raiders who appointed him are on a similar path. After all, why scammers invest money in expensive repairs, as it is much more pleasant to put it in their pockets.
Officials of the Rudenya's government are completely satisfied with this situation. The minister of the sagging Ministry of Industry by the name of Tankov wrote to me like that, as they say, everything in the garden is lovely. The investor is robbed, banks are screwed over, the furnace will soon burn out and only Minister Tankov is doing well. It's strange, governor Rudenya, is it not?
The governor and officials knew perfectly well that it was Yuri Reviznikov who invested his money in creating the best glass production in Russia. The bankruptcy of a three-billion-ruble asset for 300,000 rubles looks like a slap in the face of the common sense from the ex-director and the current security guard Sedov. From the statements of Reviznikov and Morshchikov, who acts as a confidant of Reviznikov, local security officials were aware of the criminal "founder" of LLC "Capital Group", the fictitious transactions and the sudden "lender" from the settlement of Seltso—the lawyer of LLC "TGF" Evgeniya Pulyaeva. And it all happens against the background of the death of his father and the attempt on the life of Reviznikov and Morshchikov. One of them stays in the last apartment that was not yet seized by the bailiffs, while Morshchikov suddenly disappeared for the second week. He called me, shared news, complained that he had to hide from bandits, and suffered for a noble impulse in the form of signing personal guarantees to banks. The last time he said that he managed to pass a certificate for Minister of Internal Affairs Kolokoltsev, and soon a criminal case against the raiders will get off the ground. He said that the Tver policemen were bought by the raiders, and the conversation with them makes no sense. In the end, he said that there is an "order" posted for him and Reviznikov, which "passes" from hand to hand among the bandits. Then Morshchikov suddenly disappeared. Maybe it is the order for Dmitry Rogozin's successor was executed?
Leaky furnace in Tver and "bleached anus" in Stockholm
Let's distract from the suspicion that the government minister of the governor Rudenya covers the activities of the raiders and ask ourselves the rhetorical question: "What did the Tver region do to save the investor Reviznikov?" I do not look back at the investment portal, because it's no longer funny. There is no other word for its contents as a mockery and lies dangerous for the capital and life of investors.
Decide for yourself. The degree of officials' indifference to the fate of the investor can be compared only with the disdain, which the raiders expressed to the officials themselves. A month ago, at the request of the creditors of LLC "TGF", a meeting was convened, to which the arbitration manager was invited. But Dmitry Kabanov was too busy. The young man couldn't be bothered to communicate with the security officials, creditors and officials. And nothing happened to him for this. Evgeniya Pulyaeva did not attend the meeting either. She is not hiding, she walks through the courts, insolently adds herself to the register of creditors' claims, communicates with the judge about the bankruptcy case of OOO "TGF" Andrei Matveev. The judge himself claimed in a conversation with me that the relationship with Pulyaeva does not go beyond the duty, but the all-knowing Dmitry Morshchikov was confident that this relationship is much deeper. I'm not a witness... I trust Judge Matveev, he is in his robes, he cannot lie. And the fact that he considers the demand of the Federal Tax Service to remove the arbitration manager Dmitry Kabanov over a year is just a coincidence, the relationship with Pulyaeva has nothing to do with it.

What’s next? It seems that the raiders will work out the resource of the furnace and leave to the overseas chalets. A native of Bryansk village Seltso ex-lawyer Pulyaeva has suddenly loved Austria. The former watcher Igor Radionov not so long ago borrowed from the chef five thousand rubles for the hotel. Mol fell in love with one factory lawyer, but there is nowhere to sleep, and flowers are needed. On his misfortune, Kulibaba lend money for a woman. Since then, Igor Radionov's affairs have improved significantly. He lives in two houses, in Spain and Sweden. Recently, his daughter Stephanie Radionova has "bleached" her anus and shared her happiness with friends on Facebook. It seems that Radonov have money now, and why not show off?

Maybe the money from the Tver investor Reviznikov was used to pay for this Swedish anal whiteness? I can assume that the funds stolen from Reviznikov will settle in the off-shore of Mr. Radionov, for example, in Belize. It was from there that they were transferred to Russia by our trusting hero.

It would be nice: from Belize money left for the Tver region and then returned to Belize. I am absolutely sure that the error of the investor Reviznikov will not be made by raider Radionov and he will not invest in Russia. After all, he knows exactly the cost of "services" of local security officials and the price of the empty promises of governor Rudenya.
Stringer Vladimir Spiryagin


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